Hello, I'm Meena Toor

What I do

I combine content with technology and journalism for great results.


Content is King, Queen AND Servant to the user. By combining data analytics with the key messages and great UX design, I put the user first and help them understand.

As each user is unique, the content is unique, ranging across film, audio, podcasts, social media, graphics, data visualisation, websites, text and interactive experiences.



From leading interviews, transcribing and verifying, to arranging the news schedule, I work on all parts of the news cycle.

With experience in regional and national newsrooms, I produce tight on and off-diary copy to deadline and pitch original ideas across several subject areas.



Students learn in several ways – Visual, Auditory, Read/write learning and Kinesthetic (learning by doing). A course needs to be agile and goal-orientated, so retention and enthusiasm remains high.

After a full audit and assessment has been carried out on the organisation and goals, my training is developed in memorable ways for the best results.