Hello. I'm Meena.

I'm continuously amazed at how content can inspire and engage audiences.

How an image can go beyond language barriers. How that blog post helps someone keep living. How a core 'truth' spoken out-loud can resonate in a person's heart and soul.

Digital is changing. No longer is it just posting things to social media, or writing a good article. The needs are higher, while the attention spans are shorter.

The content I create - news articles, videos, blog posts, animations, podcasts, graphics, infographics, data visualisations, websites, newsletters, emails, images, interactive experiences - is always put into context.

After 5+ years of print, digital and social media experience, I have learnt that the devil is in the detail. Accounting for factors like content types, technology, story formats, audience and strategy can make all the difference to engagement.

And because no-one likes feeling around for a light-switch in the dark, I use data, market research, focus groups, or home-grown 'intell' to make sure I'm seeing things clearly.


Thanks for cruising through my site. If you're sailing through stormy content weather, I'll definitely come onboard and lend you a hand!


Looking forward to knowing you.

Brand / Identity 90%
Multimedia 98%
Content strategy 95%
Project management 80%
Social Media 98%

Reach out

Call 07957 554477, email manjinder.toor@gmail.com or send a message below:

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