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April’s best game on Tabletopia: ARGH!

When you’ve finished work and want to connect with your friends, some people might be waking up to the joys of online board games, while others will already be converts. Tabletopia is a fantatic host to gamers, offering a multi-platform digital environment with instant access to hundreds of licensed board games. Signing up is free (for 1 game with two setups) and you can play directly in modern desktop web browsers on Mac and Windows platforms, or download on SteamApp Store and Google Play.

For April, I run through my top game played on Tabletopia, and all the information you need to get playing yourself.

April’s winner: ARGH!

Great game for a group, played with a simple deck of 24 cards, and a reference chart for understanding which cards give you points or lose you points.

The mission is simple: you’re a group of animals escaped from a human lab and want revenge. You can either win by collecting two ‘bomb’ cards and ending the game immediately, or you can collect the most number of points from collecting animal allies. This is intertwined by spies, humans who make you lose points and boobie-trap cards that turn your positive points into negative points.

The simplicity of this game comes from playing the probability of gaining cards from three down-turned stack of cards. You have chances of bluffing off your down-turned card to a player, and if you know them well enough, you can play that to your advantage. They may accept, ridding you of a bad card, or reject a good card, unknowingly – you have everything to gain and lose at the same time.

Beware – game play says 5-15 minutes but our plotting and conversations about the outcomes of card flips kept us going for 45 minutes. It is very addictive.


Boardgame Geek gives it a 7/10.

Meena: “Pretty good to get people talking – introverts and extroverts! Introverts can talk probabilities, while extroverts enjoy that everyone is involved.”


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