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It can be hard knowing what is the right way to handle content and marketing. Maybe it’s because of lack of resource, lack of knowlegde or you’re quite risk-adverse. We want to make sure that someone can guide you through the processes in the right way, working at your level and adding real tangible value. Below is a list of areas that I can assist you with, and I recommend a quick chat to get a personalised understanding of your situation.

Services for your business

  • Content strategy
  • Audience, Personas & Journey
  • Content Ideation workshops
  • Content production
  • Copy editing and proof reading
  • Outreach and social promotion
  • Data analytics and metrics reporting
  • Group or 121 training sessions
    • SEO
    • Metrics
    • Social media marketing
    • Content strategy

Services for yourself

  • CV review and upgrade
  • Social media and date profile editing
  • Personalised training
    • Social media channels
    • Boost your personal brand
    • Gaining the tools to help your goals

Ready for a chat?

Contact Meena on 07957 554477 or using the form below: